Things to Do in Pattaya – About the Hangover Tour

How the tour got started

The Hangover Tour started in Bangkok after the hit movie Hangover 2 appeared in 2011.  Since then the tour has rapidly grown in popularity by people who are looking for things to do in Pattaya and now has over 200,000 Facebook Fans

From the beginning, the idea behind the tour was to create a fun night out in Bangkok based on the movie.  The nightlife of a city, with a reputation like Bangkok has, can be a bit daunting and intimidating for some people. This makes a tour an ideal safeguard.  Also the nightlife scene is always changing in every city and it’s often hard to keep up on what are the current best places today. We are out every night so we know exactly what is going on – on the ground – not like on an out of date travel forum!

We expected the tour to be popular with groups of guys on a bachelor or stag night, since that was the theme of the movie.  What we discovered, much to our surprise, was that the tour was also popular with couples and groups of women.  We have to date shown 1000’s of people round the best of Pattaya Bars and Bangkok Nightlife.

Why Take a tour?

Looking for things to do in Pattaya? There are several great reasons to take a Hangover tour as opposed to going it alone, some of those include:

  • SAFTY   No one will bother you on a Hangover Tour, that is because the bar owners know us well and want to look after us – after all we bring them a lot of customers.  We have a Thai Guide and an English speaking driver who are both experienced and know what to do. We protect you from all the pit falls, touts, padded bills, and rip offs and over changing. We check all the bills for you and make sure that everything is clean and correct.
  • VALUE  Paying a few dollars to go on a tour can save you a fortune in the long run.   There are over 1,000 Go Go bars in Pattaya alone, do you know which ones are the best right now?  We do.  Do you know how not to get ripped off at a ping pong show?  We certainly do.  Do you know what time the live shows start at the different bars?  We do!  You could waste a lot of time and money and still miss all of the best action. Read our reviews to see what people have to say about the tour.  We know where to go and what to do, so you can simply relax and concentrate on having a good time.
  • IDEAL FOR GROUPS.   This is an ideal tour for large groups such as stag nights, golfing tours, and corporate event groups.  We can adjust the tour to suit your requirements.  Groups of ladies may want to see the gay shows for example.  Guys and girls may want to just spend some time clubbing and not spend too much time in the Go bars.  The tour can be adjusted to your unique requirements

Things to Do in Pattaya

    Your Questions Answered

    Does the tour go every night?

    Yes the tour goes every night we have a booking you need to book at least one day in advance.

    What is the minimum number of people for a tour

    The minimum number for this tour is 4 

    We are two people but we dont want to go alone how do we join a group?

    you need to call or send us a message to see what group we have booked for the night you want to take the tour.

    Will we get picked up from our hotel, if so what time?

    Yes we pick you up at your hotel the time depends on if you have book the ladyboy show or not.  If you have booked the ladyboy show the pick up time is 7 pm.

    if you are NOT taking the ladyboy show the pick up time at you hotel is 8pm.

    How many live shows are on the tour and do we have to pay for each show.

    You will see 3 or 4 live shows on the tour.  You only have to pay extra for the Exotic show Show (ping pong) (350 THB)  and the Ladyboy show. (699 THB)

    We are a group of girls is the tour safe

    Yes the tour is totally safe we protect you from any hassles, rip offs or pesters.  A lot of the gogo bars do not like groups of girls going inside but you will be fine with us.

    We are a group of girls and we want to see the famous gay show, can we do that?

    That, yes please check with us before booking but we can arrange that for you.

    We are a bunch of guys on a bachelor party what can you arrange for us?

    We have done lots of bachelor parties and we can arrange embarrassing events for the groom such as appear naked in a shower scene.

    We can also arrange special events at the fetish club such as eating sushi or fruit of a naked girl.   Extra fees apply for special events, please let us know in advance.

    Are there any age restrictions?

    Yes, participants must be over 20 years old which is the legal drinking age in Thailand.

    ID may be required to enter a nightclub travelers are adivised to carry some id  (such as drivers liscense) with them at all times.

    How many free drinks do we get on the tour exactly?

    The new reduced pricing means there are NO FREE drinks on this tour,  larger groups will get one or 2 free drinks.

    How do we pay for the tour

    The best way is to pay a deposit when making the booking to secure the booking.

    The balance you can pay on tour.

    If you wish to pre-pay in full you can but a 3% processing fee applies to credit card transactions .

    How many normally on a tour?

    Tour size can vary from 4 to 10 on an average night

    Do you have any T-shirts

    Yes we have T-shirts price is 350 THB just let us know the size you require.

    How much are the face tattoos?

    The face tattoos are free, but don’t tell Mike Tyson – he might sue you!

    I have booked a tour and need to cancel it will I be charged?

    As long as you give us 7 days notice there is no charge and we will refund your deposit.

    Is the Fetish club safe?

    Yes the fetish club is totally safe and a fascinating and enjoyable experience for most people

    what time does the tour finish

    The tour should finish around midnight but can go on later if you want to stay on.

    Our driver will finish at midnight and you must pay an extra 500 THB to keep the guide on after 1am

    Does the guide speak only English?

    We have guides with English , Spanish and Thai Language. Please ask about other language groups

    Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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